Chicago’s Best Dog Waste Removal Service, Since 1990.

Chicagoland’s very first dog poop pick up and removal service for residencies, communities, and businesses! Master Scoopers is a known name in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs because we’ve offered pooper scooper services for over 30 years!

Schedule a clean yard weekly starting at $14.00!

Chicago pooper scooper cleaning up dog waste in a yard.

Master Scoopers Offers Dog Poop Clean-Up Services Since 1990.

Under our name “Have Doggie, We’ll Doo!!” we’ve been servicing Chicago and the Northern Suburbs for over three decades. We are proud of being the first registered dog poop scooper service in the United States.

No Contract Necessary!

Got a Poop Emergency!?

What Do We Do at Master Scoopers?

We offer Chicago dog waste disposal services for all property sizes and types. Because our dog poop clean-up services are flexible, you can contact us for any type of pet waste removal in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs.

We have a small, dedicated team of professionals who takes care of your property and your privacy. We focus on prompt and friendly service, and try our best to complete it to perfection.

Just give us a call, and we come to your property at the agreed day and time. Then, clean up all the dog waste per Chicago dog poop etiquette. We can schedule your dog poop clean-ups however you’d like, but customers tend to stick to once or twice a week or monthly service. We also do one-time pick-ups and emergencies.

Got a Poop Emergency!?

Schedule a Seasonal Cleaning Today

Late winter and early spring are great times to give your yard a good cleaning. It’s also our busiest season because we provide the best dog waste disposal service and our clients admire our services for naturally disposing dog waste. Plus, everyone wants to BBQ during the summer and have a clean yard.

Schedule dog waste removal service now, and we’ll make sure your property is ready for summertime foot traffic.

Schedule a spring cleaning today

Late winter and early spring are great times to give your yard a good cleaning. It’s also our busiest season. Because we adopted the best dog waste disposal system and our clients always admire our efforts for naturally disposing of the dog waste.

Schedule dog waste removal service now, and we’ll make sure your property is ready for summertime foot traffic.

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They love our Pooper Scooper Services

Kimberly Plasencia
Kimberly Plasencia
We received a call back immediately to schedule after putting in an online request. We were able to get a next day appointment and they did a great job! We will definitely be using them again!
Dawn Ferencak
Dawn Ferencak
We called for new service of pet waste removal after the winter snow season. We were fortunate to receive same day service. Fantastic service! What an amazing difference! Very glad we called Master Scoopers and that they answered our call!
Mindy Deutsch
Mindy Deutsch
We have been a customer of Master Scoopers for as long as I can remember. Diane and her professional crew are such a great resource when it comes to keeping your yards free of dog waste. They are so reliable and affordable . It makes having dogs so much easier , when you know your yards will be cleaned on a regular basis . We highly recommend Master Scoopers.
Emily Morelos
Emily Morelos
This is the second time we are using them for a backyard “spring cleaning” and very happy with their work. Very responsive and reasonably priced services.
“I used this service for fifteen years and only quit because I moved out of state. They were very consistent and the convenience is out of this world. Will you love it in the spring with the first snow melt and every dog owner knows what I mean. This service also kept my neighbors quite happy, in case I wasn’t as consistent as I needed to be. Try them you won’t want to go back and its really quite affordable.”
Deborah G, Leander, TX

“I just don’t have time to clean up the yard, and my dogs completely took over – backyard parties were not possible for a big hunk of this summer. Have Doggie We’ll Doo changed that! They cleaned my yard so all – my dogs, I and my friends can enjoy it. Highly recommended!”

Mike M, Des Plaines, IL

“This is the perfect service for the busy professional, elderly, disabled or the person who doesn’t want to deal with doggie doo! I live in the suburbs with 2 dogs and am unable to clean up my backyard after them due to a walking impairment and my wife doesn’t want to touch it. Diane’s crew is FANTASTIC! I HIGHLY recommend Have Doggie We’ll Do to every dog owner who doesn’t want to deal with the mess but have a clean and fresh backyard.”

Mark D, Rolling Meadows, IL

Dog Waste Removal Services

Master Scoopers – The Solution to Canine Pollution.

Dog poop is toxic, destroys grass, carries dangerous bacteria, attracts rats and flies, and gets tracked back into the home on shoes and clothing. The worst part is many dog owners are just too busy to keep their properties consistently clean. Therefore, it is important to use the best dog waste system to keep your premises free from dog waste.



family cute dog poop pickup

We offer thorough dog poop pick up and removal services. It’s simple: you call and schedule your clean up, then we come to your property on the agreed day and get to work. You simply provide any necessary access to enter the yard, keep your pupper indoors, and we take care of the doo. Hassle-free, quiet, and quick!

good dog poop clean up

Are there a lot of dogs in your neighborhood? Keep your neighborhood, public parks, or commercial strips clean and sanitary with a regular dog poop cleanup and removal service. Or, Invite several neighbors in the same area and receive a group discount or additional services.

Do you have a dog friendly establishment? Are dogs running the place? You don’t have to work around their digestive habits. Nor do your human customers or staff. In special cases we can offer dog waste cleanup srvices twice a day to ease the trouble of running a dog house. Focus more on billable work while we take care of the scooping poop.

Master Scoopers -Professional Dog Poop Pickup Services

Dog owners trust us with their dog waste removal. Our dog poop pickup service is prompt and clean. Contact us to schedule your dog waste removal today!

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