Why is Dog Poo Cleanup Important and What Do Dog Poop Stations Do?


What’s In My Dog’s Poop?  When you attend your dog’s poop, take a look at what seems to be happening with it. Mucus in dog poop could indicate an inflamed colon, whereas tons of grass could mean that they’ve been grazing on an excessive amount of grass and have a gallbladder issue. Look into this if you notice anything abnormal about your dog's poop. Dog Poop Consistency  When you bend down to scoop your dog’s poop, and feel its consistency through the bag, take note! Dog poop should be compact, moist and straightforward to pick up – feeling a a

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Is Dog Poop Harmful to Humans?


Is Dog Poop Harmful to Humans? This question was mostly asked by dog owners and also by people who don't have dogs in their homes. Pet dogs are widely loved animals worldwide, and they live with families of pet lovers as their family members. However, people do not give much attention to dog’s poop, and we might sometimes forget to clean up the poop right away. As a result, humans often get various diseases, and dog poop also transmits a disease known as Zoonosis. Children are more vulnerable to the disease as they play in the garden and yards where

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Impact Of Dog Poop On Environment


We all know that dogs are famous for their loyalty which is an excellent part about dogs, but that loyalty has a price, and that price is its poop. there is a negative Impact Of Dog Poop On Environment. The environmental protection agency (EPA) observed that dog waste's environmental impact is significant. They estimated that 2-3 days of 100 dog poop could spread enough bacteria to close a bay and shellfishing within 20 miles temporarily. It contains bacteria, but other diseases and parasites can be transmitted to humans as well. According to the Centers for Disease Control, roundworms are pretty

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How Long Does It Take For Poop To Decompose?


Dog owners are often curious and concerned about how long does it take for poop to decompose. The honest answer to it is, there is no exact time anybody can quote for it. It depends on the weather and climate of the area where you live. In warm or hot places, it takes around eight to nine weeks to decompose the dog wastefully. While on the other side in cold states, it can take up to one year to decompose a dog's poop completely. This article will discuss informative knowledge and methods that will cover how long for dog poop

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Pooper Scooper Services; 5 Reasons Why Should You Hire Them


For all dog owners, it is essential to hire pooper scooper services now and then for picking up dog poop. Today, when everything has become easily accessible at the doorstep, we should not compromise over health and hygiene of our loved ones. However, being a pet owner doesn't mean that you have to make a tough decision between choosing your family's health and keeping a dog. Unlike in the past, we can easily benefit from many reliable pooper scooper services in a better way than doing it personally. Therefore, it is good to seek professional help for better outcomes. Here,

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How To Reduce Dog Poop Pollution


If you are a parent to a dog, you must be conscious of your pet's health and always look for the best way to reduce dog poop pollution. When talking particularly about dogs, whether you own a dog as a pet or not, you should get irritated in a polluted environment. Back in the 70s and 80s, there was no concept of getting rid of dog waste, and the reason may be the absence of plastic bags. Fortunately, we are spending in an era when more resources are available than in past time to make the environment better for both

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Dog Waste: Why Homeowners Neglect It In Their Yard


Nope, The Joy Of Owning A Dog Ain’t Never Dog Poop. Without a doubt, we know that picking up after your dog is certainly not something one looks forward to in their day. Who comes home from work excited for the dog waste that awaits them? If this does for some unique reason describe you, feel free to contact us about a potential employment opportunity… Very potential.

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Chicago’s Poop Scooper Service For 30 years


From minor jobs on someone’s front steps, full-scale mud pit cleanups, homeowners who simply let their pupper get away with the dirty deed one too many times, but we also introduced compostable dog waste bags to Chicago neighborhoods in the early 2000s, did quite a few kennel cleanups, published a directory of unusual pet services for 10 years, and still more.

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