Scoop That Poop: 3 Reasons Why Dog Waste Could Be Harming Your Yard (And You)!

Scoop that poop. It is much important to keep your family and environment safe and healthy.

For many folks, cleaning up after your dog (especially if they poop in your yard) isn’t an immediate chore. After all, it is your property, but not a dog waste station.

What’s the hurry? While most pick up after their dog immediately when in public (which you should always do). Many don’t feel the same imposed obligation when it’s on their property. You can do it later. Maybe some kind of animal will come to eat it (gross). Or, mother nature will take its course and turn it into fertilizer.

Simply put, these are all wrong. Very wrong.

Scoop That Poop: By Allowing Your Dog Waste To Rest In Your Yard For Long Periods, You Are Creating An Environmental Hazard For Yourself, Your Family, And Your Home

The truth is; dog waste does not provide any benefits to your yard. It contains several kinds of bacteria, can attract parasites, and ultimately get you and your family sick.

Excessive dog waste and urine can kill parts of your yard, ruining it and causing you the financial and perhaps physical hardship of restoration and revival. Below we’ll break down some myths and help you understand why it’s important to clean up after your pet or hire a service team to remove your dog waste.

are you and your dog playing the "let's not poop scoop" game with your yard?

What To Do With Dog Waste: A Natural Fertilizer? Think Again

Contrary to popular belief, dog waste is not a fertilizer. For whatever reason, folks must think that dogs produce the same rich manure that cows do.

That’s not true. Think about the kinds of food your dog eats and what those would do for your yard. Whether it’s meat, hard food, or treats, do you honestly believe these will help your yard remain healthy?

Dog waste is different from cow manure partly because canine diets are much different from that of your average cow. A cow’s diet is herbivorous for the most part, which contributes greatly to the use of its manure. Their diets are high in nutrients that are beneficial to soil and plants.

On the other hand, dog diets produce excrement that is far more acidic than a cow’s. It’s a diet that is high in protein.

The result contains plenty of bacteria that can attract all kinds of unwelcome visitors, such as parasites or rats. Many of which can affect you or your loved ones and create all kinds of illnesses and discomfort.

Scoop That Poop: Bountiful Bacteria

Believe it or not, a single gram of dog waste can contain up to 23 million fecal bacteria. That’s just one gram.

Now imagine the number of bacteria swarming through your yard after multiple waste deposits from your beloved pet. It’s a gross scene that is all too common for homeowners who neglect the necessary dog waste clean-up.

The unfortunate truth is that dogs can be hosts to plenty of bacteria and parasites that can be harmful to you and your family.

It’s Also Not Uncommon For Dog Waste To Infect Waterways Or Vegetation

It’s also worth noting that the bacteria can grow and spread, potentially causing sickness to children exposed to it. These conditions can produce worms, which can have harmful or life-threatening effects if one should contact them or accidentally ingest a worm (as a child could).

Many of these creatures have fast reproduction cycles. Even some of them have long life cycles. It means your child could come into contact with them throughout the year if the accumulating feces are left unattended.

TIP: Consider having a designated “poop” area for your dog. It can be located around your yard and be composed of gravel or mulch. You’ll have to train your dog to recognize this place as an area for doing their business, but it’ll be beneficial for you and your yard in the long run.

Breaking Down The Doo Doo

Believe it or not, dog poop doesn’t just decompose. You may not see much decomposition for months, given natural weather conditions.

Dog waste will take a very long time to decompose, leaving your lawn and your health at risk. What’s more, dog waste acts as a fertilizer to some extent.

Dog feces contain nitrogen, resulting in brown patches on lawns known as “burns.” In addition, it can cause permanent damage to your lawn.

Not to mention, you’ll be riddled with waste and foul odors that will generally leave your yard feeling less welcoming and more rotten than you’d like.

Get To Scooping That Poop

Give your yard the attention it deserves. If you do not have the adequate time to sufficiently and effectively maintain your yard poop-free, we’ll gladly do it for you. We offer a dog waste removal service to keep your surroundings and environment neat and clean.

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