We’re Neighbors You Know

Master Scoopers: we’re Chicagoans. Just like you, we love to call this beautiful city our home. We love the idea and offer dog poop cleanup service in Chicago land and the northern suburbs. Being Chicagoans, it is our responsibility to help dog owners in keeping their yards and surroundings neat and clean.

We have partnered with families, neighborhoods, businesses, and park districts in small and large-scale projects for three decades. Our responsibility is to ensure that our favorite places are clean and stay sanitary for us to enjoy. We take pride in being able to do our part!

Master Scoopers: Professionally Trained and Trusted Dog Poop Pick Up Service

We wouldn’t have lasted nearly 30 years if we hadn’t built up a reputation to fuel our longevity in Chicagoland. In comparison, many dog poop pick-up services or gimmicks have come and gone over the years.

We have solidified our professional approach to dog waste removal services across Chicago and the northern suburbs. Humble beginnings led us to various ups and downs in how we work, learning different ways to help clean up yards and keep them sanitary through trial and error.

After a while, we learned what works to help us get in and out as quickly as possible while providing excellent dog poop yard cleaning service. You have a life, and we understand that.

We know you have work, have kids, have to go to the gym, hang out with friends, run errands, and handle whatever else life throws at you. But removing the dog waste is also important. That’s why we provide dog poop service Chicago and the northern suburbs.

Give Yourself Peace Of Mind By Hiring A Team Of Dog Waste Removal Experts

At Master Scoopers, we have a team of trained professionals that are fully aware of the Chicago dog waste ordinance. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about fine penalties from governing authorities after hiring our services.

Setting time aside to ensure that your yard is poop-free can be an unnecessary stress on you. Let us bear this burden. It lets you free up your time for other important matters. We will take responsibility for your dirty premises and will make it clear. Simply lock up your pup and let us get to work. We are quick, clean, and respectful.

Not everyone is excited about letting strangers into their homes or yards, but Have Doggie We’ll Doo has continuously been known for being courteous and professional. We have the years under our belts and the reviews to prove it.

Master Scoopers, We Love Pups

We just love dogs. We own them, love to play with them, pet them (sometimes at the annoyance of their owners), and clean up after them. It’s not their fault that their feces are ridden with bacteria and can harm the environment and your health. But that’s just where we come in.

We understand that owning a dog can be a tough job, and it does come at a stinky price. Have Doggie We’ll Doo makes it easier for you to manage your yard’s environment. We offer dog waste removal services and have become one of the leading experts in outdoor sanitation for your home.

Shoot an email or call us today to get started!

are you and your dog playing the "let's not poop scoop" game with your yard?

Professional Dog Waste Removal Service

Keep your yard fresh and clean yearound. Time tested, hassle-free, quiet, quick, and most importantly Reliable dog poop removal service!