Florence Howling invited our dog poop removal experts from Jefferson Park for some coffee to explain the mysterious poop situation in her yard and the parties she throws for her artist friends. But a new question emerges: why are these parties always taking place on the full moon?! Let’s find out…


The chat over coffee in the sunlit living room of the Howling house is the start of a new friendship between Diane and Florence. The two women bond over their love of art.

Diane learns about the artists whose works line up the walls in Florence’s house. And Florence learns about how they started their dog poop removal company, how long they have been in business and their ongoing business base in neighborhoods like Jefferson Park.

Two weeks later, they go to a gallery opening together, meeting some of Florence’s artist friends. After the show, Florence invites everyone over to her place for cocktails. 

It is a dark but beautiful night, with a cool summer breeze. As the night continues, people who were not at the show start showing up, and the evening turns into an impromptu party.

People from all ages and backgrounds are there, from writers to lawyers, baristas to biologists. Some of them come alone, some with their partners, and even bring their dogs with them.

And it was true; there are at least five or six dogs playing in the yard, running in and out of the bushes, or climbing people’s legs to get pets. 

Why I Need Dog Poop Removal Services? Where’s The Poo Coming From?

As she watches the chihuahuas chase the terriers and pugs around the yard, Diane can’t help but wonder, who is then dropping these massive poops in the yard?

She wants to check in with Florence to see if they will need dog poop removal service the next day. She spots her in the kitchen, prepping some hors d’oeuvres. 

“Florence, we’ll be serving some clients in Jefferson Park tomorrow. We won’t mind stopping by if you need us tomorrow? I’m assuming tonight wasn’t planned?”

“You bet it wasn’t! But isn’t this wonderful? Such vibrant energy. Sometimes I forget that we can do this more often than once a month, even with no moon! Oh, but your question … Service for tomorrow? Would you please not worry about it? I wouldn’t want to book you with such short notice.”

“It wouldn’t be a problem at all,” Diane says. “We aim to be the best dog poop removal service, and we are committed to our customer’s needs; plus, we’ll be in Jefferson Park anyways.”

So next morning, Ivan is at the location, ready to serve. Before walking into the yard, he was interrupted by the barking chihuahuas to remind our readers that “since 1990, we pick up where your dog left off” and still privately owned!

This time, he brings even bigger plastic bags with him, knowing what to expect poop-wise from his previous two visits. He walks towards the yard with caution, making sure he is not stepping on any poop on his way. But what he sees is what he expects the least: the yard is completely clean, not one poop pile in sight!

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