If you are a parent to a dog, you must be conscious of your pet’s health and always look for the best way to reduce dog poop pollution. When talking particularly about dogs, whether you own a dog as a pet or not, you should get irritated in a polluted environment. Back in the 70s and 80s, there was no concept of getting rid of dog waste, and the reason may be the absence of plastic bags.

Fortunately, we are spending in an era when more resources are available than in past time to make the environment better for both humans and non-humans. For example, more than 83 million pet dogs each year produce around 10.6 million tons of waste in a year. Enough to figure out how much stray dogs would produce that may harm the environment.

Ways To Reduce Dog Poop Pollution

This article will discuss helpful methods for how to dispose of dog poop to make our surroundings cleaner and better.

1.    Use Dog Poop Bags

Any dog owner must know about dog poop bags. These bags are pretty beneficial to keep the home clean and safe from dog waste. Many biodegradable dog poop bags claim that you can flush it off while leaving the waste in the bag.

use dog poop bags

DO NOT follow this method. No matter how good a brand claims to be, always pour only waste in the flush tank and flush it off. It is just a misconception that biodegradable does not stick in the drain lines.

Biodegradable bags may be more formulated than polythene bags; still, they can block or clog the sewer. For a dog poop clean up, empty the bag in the toilet, flush it, and discard it somewhere else.


2.    Composting Dog Poop

Composting is indeed a good idea when you want to recycle your dog’s waste while keeping the environment hygienic. However, it is better to let the experts do this job instead of doing it yourself. Research proves that industrial and commercial composting removes pathogens from a dog’s poop and ensures better safety.

Composting Dog Poop

Also, composting is recommended for landscaping only and not on edible gardens. For pet waste removal services in each state of America, many reliable dog waste stations can help you with composting services. For example,  you can contact and consult with Master Scoopers for composting or more services at the best prices for pet waste removal in Chicago.


3.    Dog Poop Pick up Services

It would be best to live in an area or a society where many pet dog-owners also stay and share costs. It is entirely understandable to be a dog parent and have a hectic routine, making you lazy in being consistent in cleaning your yard. It is the best option to avail professionals who know better ways to clean your yard in these situations.

It is a never-failing decision to contact a reliable dog waste station if you’ve been lazy for days or weeks and haven’t got enough time to clean up properly. However, when you realize that your yard looks like a part of some other world. We suggest you save yourself from cleaning it yourself and take some professional help. Multiple pet waste removal services are pretty easy to avail of and cost just a tiny amount.

Dog Poop Pick up Services

If you are in Chicago, we have found Master Scoopers services to be most convenient and reliable. In addition, their membership plans are pretty reasonable, and you get more discounts when you have more than one dog. Booking an appointment is also a hassle-free process; you need to visit the link of pooper scooper services provider and book an appointment.

Even if you are not a pet or dog owner, see the toxicity in the environment due to community dogs’ waste. You can contact a good dog waste station to deal with this issue. Within Chicago, Master Scoopers is a well-known name, and we have not heard any negative reviews so far. So we recommend their services if you’re from Chicago city.  


Keeping the environment hygienic and clean is crucial whether you own a pet or not. Usually, pet owners take care of dealing with their pet’s waste. But the residents of society need to take care of it for community dogs. Back in the past, there was not much awareness about keeping the surroundings neat as in today.

But luckily, today, there are many waste stations available that come to the place, whether it is private property or the residents of a society call for cleaning parks or apartments. But, unfortunately, each year, more than 10.6 million tons of waste is produced only by pet dogs, and of course, much more than that from stray dogs.

We highly suggest paying attention to making the environment clean without abandoning pets or stray dogs.