We all know that dogs are famous for their loyalty which is an excellent part about dogs, but that loyalty has a price, and that price is its poop. there is a negative Impact Of Dog Poop On Environment. The environmental protection agency (EPA) observed that dog waste’s environmental impact is significant.

They estimated that 2-3 days of 100 dog poop could spread enough bacteria to close a bay and shellfishing within 20 miles temporarily. It contains bacteria, but other diseases and parasites can be transmitted to humans as well.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, roundworms are pretty common in dog feces that can live for years in the soil. Therefore, children are more vulnerable to the transmission of worms especially. The worst part is that dog waste is one of the food source for rats in urban areas, and they become the carrier of diseases that later transmit to the human.

A commercial dog waste disposal system is the safest way to maintain a healthy environment. It is our responsibility to take care of our home and community.       

Impact Of Dog Poop On Environment

Dog poop is indeed hazardous to the environment and possesses serious health issues. Here are the common threats that dog poop brings to the environment.

1.    Harmful to Human Health and Other Petsdog poop decomposition

Dog poop poses a severe risk to our health; children and adults can be affected if exposed to dog poop as it contains bacteria and parasites. Especially the children are at higher risk those who play outside, and they may get infected easily. In addition, some severe intestinal diseases can be transmitted to the human.

Pregnant ladies must avoid the interaction with dog poop as Toxoplasmosis is a parasite that can cause a congenital disability in a newborn. Even it can impact negatively on depressed immune systems.

Other pets can be affected by the bacteria if they are exposed to dog poop. Leaving the dog poop in the garden is never a good option as hookworm, roundworms, whipworms, and giardiasis hide in the dog poop and transmit to the living things.


2.      Dangerous for Fertilizer

Dog poop is highly harmful to the fertilizer if it is mixed up in the garden. It is reported that 23 million fecal coliform bacteria are found in single dog poop. It can worsen the situation if vegetables and fruits are grown underdog poop. Parasites like roundworms, hookworms, parvovirus, and giardia live for days in dog poop.

These can be transmitted to your crops, and if they are digested, you can get seriously ill. In addition, a high protein diet is a reason that makes the dog poop more acidic, which is never a good option to use as a fertilizer. Acid breaks down the nutrient, and they are not compatible with gardening.

dog poop as fertilizer

Cow manure is derived from the vegetation diet. It has all the right components that support the need for fertilization. Dog poop is not good at all as it is not a fertilizer and must not be considered for gardening.


3.      Pollute the Water

Can breathing dog feces make you sick? The answer is No, but it can pose a health threat to the wildlife and other dogs if the water is contaminated with dog poop. If you don’t know what to do with dog poop, here is the solution. First, it has to be appropriately dealt with instead of throwing into the water to save the wild habitats.

It is reported that most of the water pollution comes from the household level and other minor sources. Rain can take away the dog poop to the ocean if it leaves outside; thus, it should not be left outside and must be clean on priority. A trash can is a suitable option to throw the pet waste instead of throwing it into the storm drain.

what to do with dog poop

Water is consumed every day by wildlife, and contaminated dog poop can become a serious life threat. Pet waste removal Chicago promotes professional services like masterscoopers.com. They can be called to remove waste instead of polluting the water if you live in Chicago.



Maintaining a healthy environment is our social responsibility. If we own a dog, we must think of ways to dispose of dog poop most safely. Dog feces is the cause of many severe diseases and can be life-threatening sometimes. Therefore, we should take the necessary action to get rid of dog poop. Even if it requires effort or money, we must maintain a clean environment for our family and other living things.

Breathing dog feces cannot make you sick. But suppose it is touched or contaminated with any other edible. In that case, you are at high risk of getting infected with severe harmful diseases. Therefore, choose the appropriate action and dispose of the dog poop even if you go for professional services.