Is Dog Poop Harmful to Humans? This question was mostly asked by dog owners and also by people who don’t have dogs in their homes.

Pet dogs are widely loved animals worldwide, and they live with families of pet lovers as their family members. However, people do not give much attention to dog’s poop, and we might sometimes forget to clean up the poop right away. As a result, humans often get various diseases, and dog poop also transmits a disease known as Zoonosis.

Children are more vulnerable to the disease as they play in the garden and yards where dogs and other pets poop. Following are the consequences that dog poop can bring to humans.

Bacteria(s) Found in Dog Feces

Coli is a bacteria that can cause diarrhea with bloody vomiting and severe stomach cramps. Some people have experienced a life-threatening condition which is hemolytic uremic syndrome. Common symptoms are lethargy, urination frequency, and a pale appearance due to anemia.

Is Dog Poop Harmful to Humans

Another bacteria in feces is Giardia which causes vomiting, greasy diarrhea, abdominal cramps, dehydration, and nausea. Severity can lead to delayed mental, slow development in physical growth, and malnutrition among the children. Salmonella is often present in turtle and raw cookie dough. But it is also present in dog feces which can cause stomach cramps, diarrhea, and fever.


Common Diseases from Parasites

Dangers of dog feces and urine in the house are more than we imagine as bacteria is not the only thing that causes diseases. Parasites also cause various diseases that are present in dog poops. Therefore, we should remove it simultaneously, and we should not wait to dispose of the pet waste.

Dangers of dog feces and urine in the house

Parasites cause various diseases from dog faces and urine to the human. These are the common diseases from parasites.

  • Tapeworms: infect humans by entering from the pore of the skin or ingesting it from the mouth. They stick to the intestine and absorb nutrients from the host.
  • Roundworm: They can travel throughout the body to the brain, kidney, lungs, liver, eyes, or heart. It can cause blindness as well.
  • Cyclospora: is the infection that incubates in a body for a week and later causes gastroenteritis. It can decline for over a month.
  • Toxoplasmosis: It brings the infection that causes birth deficiency if a woman gets it during the pregnancy.
  • Cryptosporidium: usually it is found in the water, and it can cause intestinal disease to the human.


Inhaling the Bacteria from Dog Feces

We all have this question in mind that “can breathing dog feces make you sick” and the answer by the scientists as per their research tells that there may not be any ill effect by inhaling the air. Therefore, there is not much evidence that proofs breathing dog feces make us sick. However, a dog can smell lung cancer in the human, which is hard to diagnose.inhaling dog poop

It does not mean that we should not remove the pet waste right away as we can be affected by other ways. However, pet waste management has to be there to stay healthy and fit.


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Dog poop is undoubtedly harmful to humans, and we should seriously as it may lead to serious health issues. Grownup people might stay away and know the consequences but children are more vulnerable to the diseases as they might touch the same while playing in the backyard or garden in the area.

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