The writers of “WerePoop” bring you a brand new story: “Pooper Scoopers & The Giant Dog Poop in Chicago!”


A Call to Action for “Have Doggie, We’ll Doo!!” aka MasterScoopers

“And that’s how you fight the dog poop takeover in the customers’ yards. Let’s scoop it up for today, folks,” said Professor Doodle, as the students packed their books and carry-on scoopers into their backpacks. They were approaching the end of the semester, and soon they would be going into the field, taking on poop scooping jobs throughout Chicago and putting their learning into practice. Kira was one of them, but even though her grades were good, she wasn’t sure if she was ready for her Chicago pooper scooper service yet. She heard from older students way too many stories about big, messy, stinky poops that were impossible to handle and how challenging the business could be.

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Emergency Alert: Giant Puppy Takes Over Chicago

She was sitting on a bench, waiting for the bus while listening to music, when she saw multiple people running back toward s the campus. She took the headphones off and heard the sirens of multiple fire trucks coming down the street as cars pulled over to open the way. What could this be? What was happening? She felt her phone vibrating in her pocket repeatedly. She pulled it out and saw on the screen a message from the Canine Waste Removal University: “Technician Emergency! Report back to your Department immediately!” Confused and panicked, she started walking rapidly towards the main building.

She saw her classmates, and some other people from the general crowd, gathering around a big screen set up outside the main lobby. It was the live news report from downtown. The red ribbon spelling “Breaking News” was imposed over the images of helicopters circling skyscrapers in downtown Chicago. But then, inexplicably, the images would switch to close-up shots of a cute, brown puppy’s face. They were still working on connecting the speakers so she wasn’t able to completely understand the nature of the emergency.


The City Needs Chicago Pooper Scoopers

She felt her phone vibrate one more time. The buzzing alert was from the city of Chicago this time: “Emergency! Puppy has taken over downtown Chicago. Stay off the roads, emergency travel only! Massive dog poop expected!” The giant puppy standing between Chicago's skyscrapers, wagging its tail.Professor Doodle came rushing out of the Department building, barely catching his breath before taking the megaphone to address the crowd: “ Students! Canine Waste Removal Technicians! Chicago Pooper Scoopers! It has been confirmed! A giant puppy has found its way to the city and completely taken over the downtown area! Pet shelter workers are keeping it busy with toys and games, but the feared moment is close!

This puppy might poop any second, and you are the ones who can save us and the city from being covered with dog waste all over! Chicago Pooper Scoopers, the city needs your service! I know your training never included such a scenario, but you are the only ones who can save us! Are you ready to show everyone that you are the best pooper scoopers this city, the Windy Chicago, has ever seen?” “Yes!” A huge uproar came from the crowd, as they raised their Scoop X-9’s to the sky. “Holy crap! A giant puppy?” Kira thought nervously, as the sun started setting and the Puppy’s silhouette became visible on the Chicago skyline.


Chicago Pooper Scoopers Spring Into Action

The sight was both adorable and terrifying. The giant puppy, now visible from miles away, frolicked between the skyscrapers, wagging its enormous tail and barking playfully. It was a surreal scene – the cuddly chaos of an oversized puppy juxtaposed against the iconic Chicago skyline. Kira felt a mix of fear and determination as she joined the throng of her classmates heading towards the transportation units parked outside the university.

Professor Doodle was coordinating with the city officials, who had cordoned off the affected areas and were directing traffic away from the potential disaster zone. As Kira and her team boarded the university’s specially equipped Poop-Mobile, she couldn’t help but notice the nervous energy that filled the vehicle. The Poop-Mobile, a high-tech response unit designed for extreme canine waste scenarios, had never been deployed for something of this magnitude. “Listen up, team,” Professor Doodle’s voice crackled over the onboard communication system. “Our priority is to contain and manage the situation before it becomes unmanageable. We have a limited window before the puppy needs to relieve itself. Use all your training, and remember, we’re not just cleaning up poop – we’re saving the city!”


Chicago Pooper Scoopers: Facing the Challengebig dog poops in chicago

Kira’s mind raced as the Poop-Mobile sped towards downtown. She thought back to all the techniques they had learned – the precise scooping methods, the efficient disposal techniques, the importance of staying calm under pressure.

But nothing could have prepared her for this. As they approached the downtown area, the scene was chaotic. Emergency services were everywhere, and the air buzzed with the sound of helicopters and sirens. The giant puppy, now somewhat subdued by the pet shelter workers’ efforts, seemed momentarily distracted by a massive rubber ball they had managed to procure. The team sprang into action.

Kira and her classmates unloaded their gear – industrial-strength scoopers, enormous waste bags, and high-capacity sanitizers. The city had set up a command center, and the team was quickly briefed on the strategy. They would work in squads, with each squad responsible for a section of the potential fallout area. Kira’s squad was assigned to the area near Millennium Park. As they took their positions, Kira could see the determination on her classmates’ faces. This was their moment – their chance to prove that they were the best in the business.


The Giant Puppy Poops: The Final Test for Chicago Pooper Scoopers

Suddenly, a deep, rumbling sound echoed through the streets. The ground shook slightly, and Kira’s heart raced. The moment they had been dreading was upon them. The giant puppy had started to squat. “Positions, everyone!” shouted Kira, taking charge of her squad. “Remember your training! Stay focused and work together!” The next few minutes were a blur of frantic activity. The sheer volume of waste was overwhelming, but Kira and her team worked with precision and efficiency. They deployed the Scoop X-9’s, massive mechanical scoopers designed for heavy-duty cleanups, and worked in unison to contain the mess.

Kira’s arms ached from the effort, but she didn’t stop. The sight of her classmates working tirelessly beside her gave her the strength to keep going. They were making progress – slowly but surely, they were containing the disaster. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the last of the waste was secured in the enormous disposal bags. The team, covered in sweat and grime, took a moment to catch their breath and look around. The streets were still a mess, but they had done it. They had prevented a catastrophe.


Triumph and Recognition

The Poop-Mobile arrived to haul away the waste, and Kira’s squad started the sanitization process. The industrial sanitizers sprayed a cleansing solution over the affected areas, neutralizing odors and disinfecting the streets. As the sun finally set over the Chicago skyline, casting a golden glow over the city, the giant puppy, now safely sedated and being transported by the pet shelter workers, was no longer a threat. The streets were safe, thanks to the quick response and hard work of the Chicago Pooper Scoopers. Professor Doodle arrived at their location, a look of pride on his face.

“You did it,” he said, his voice filled with emotion. “You saved the city.” Kira looked around at her teammates, all of them exhausted but triumphant. They had faced an unimaginable challenge and emerged victorious. The city of Chicago would remember this day, not just for the bizarre appearance of a giant puppy, but for the heroes who kept it clean and safe. As they packed up their gear and prepared to head back to the university, Kira felt a sense of accomplishment like never before. She knew that no matter what challenges lay ahead, she was ready. After all, she was part of the best pooper scooper team Chicago had ever seen.

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